Getting the Best Value for Your Trade

When it comes to buying new RAM trucks or Jeep® SUVs, one of the biggest wild cards is figuring out how much money the customer is going to get for their vehicle trade. While everybody would love to get max value from their previous cars as a means of lowering the total cost of the new model, that doesn't always happen--sometimes because people just didn't enter the process the correct way.

To make sure you get the most return for your trade-in, consider the following tips from us here at Heritage Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Owings Mills, MD:

Do Your Research – There are a number of great tools online that can help you get a sense of what your vehicle may be worth in trade, but Kelley Blue Book generally is the most widely-used and accepted of them. Something to keep in mind, though, is that selling your vehicle to a private party and trading in your vehicle are not the same thing, so don't expect to see the same value in trade as you do in a private sale.

Clean Your Vehicle – The best way to make sure you get max money out of your trade is to give it a thorough cleaning before one of our dealers takes a look at it.

Get a Real Number – Someone here will eventually give you a fair value offer for your trade, but as with anything else in the car buying process, you are welcome to negotiate. Whether you're trading in a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Charger, we work hard to give fair value.

If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle this spring, come see us any time and we'll be happy to provide you a solid number for your trade!

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