Buy Used at Heritage CDJR Owings Mills

Here at Heritage Chrysler Dodge JeepĀ® RAM Owings Mills, we would like to go on record as saying that when you buy a certified pre-owned model from the dealership, the experience is every bit as positive as buying a car or SUV brand new. In other words, buying a used car in 2017 is nothing like it was 20 or 30 years ago because everything is so much easier, and the process is so much more trustworthy. Perhaps best of all, the value is better than ever, too.

For starters, consider the fact that a new vehicle loses 20 percent of its value the moment it is driven off of the dealership lot, then another ten percent by the end of its first year. In just 12 months, most vehicles lose nearly a third of their value, which means that buying a one-year-old model with a few miles on it allows Owings Mills, MD customers to skip the worst depreciation of a vehicle's life.

Furthermore, new extended warranties on certified RAM trucks, Jeep SUVs, Dodge cars, and Chrysler vehicles mean more peace of mind than in decades past. Even if you don't buy the vehicle new, you still can have the protection of a great warranty to make sure that you're covered in case something goes wrong.

If you are interested in a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Charger or RAM 1500, considering looking at a few models that are just a year or two old. Almost all of the features are still there, but the price could make them even more appealing for those on the hunt for a bargain.

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